My work

I’ve collected a list of sites that I’ve been part of or built all by myself, maybe you’ll see something you like?

  • AvicoAvico (Freelance)Custom theme for OpenCart, a complex ecommerce setup that allows for multiple pricing levels, all sorts of taxation, delivery rules and features thousands of products.
  • ZerobubblesZerobubbles (Private project)Concept and idea by my friend and me, design from him and all code by me. Completely custom built with OO PHP and Google Maps.
  • TDCTDC (Freelance)Extending an already existing admin and user portal; working with a remote server API using Zend Framework, Doctrine ORM and Smarty templating tied together with OO PHP.
  • The Football PoolsThe Football Pools (Freelance)The oldest football gaming company in the world! I was hired as part of a team to do a complete re-haul of the site; usertesting, wireframing, design and all new HTML/CSS. Quite a bit of jQuery effects scattered throughout as well.
  • IG IndexIG Index (IG Index)The main site for the group of companies I work for, we recently got a commendation for being error-free and at least not being awfully inaccessible. I build and maintain pretty much all HTML and CSS.
  • extrabetextrabet (IG Index)The latest offering from IG, translated into 9 languages and I’ve been working with all the fun bits you get when you try to squeeze real long Russian and German words into a design that was made for English.
  • (IG Index)Another brand of the IG Group, some different components and structures. By now you can see there’s quite some shared content between the IG sites.
  • BenriklandBenrikland (Freelance)Probably my most successful freelance job, it’s got a community, blog system, bulletin board, online dating, e-commerce, you name it, they’ve got it!
  • Dance Music TraderDance Music Trader (Freelance)An e-commerce site selling dance music vinyl records, one of my first freelance gigs, not quite up to my current standards but still one of the bigger sites I’ve done.
  • Somerset Farmer's MarketsSomerset Farmer’s Markets (Freelance)The only site that’ve been created fully by me, I’ve done all the coding and even the not so impressive design. What you can’t see is the very impressive backend to the site, it’s truly my most complete e-commerce creation.
  • ApartApart (Abel & Baker)Very popular site for an art gallery in Notting Hill. I did the backend controlling the content in the Flash movie.
  • NESTANESTA (Abel & Baker)Organisation website, I did HTML/CSS and some XSL/XSLT. This site was never published.
  • Gibson Lamb & Co.Gibson Lamb & Co. (Abel & Baker)Company website, HTML and structure by myself.
  • Ikea CardiffIkea Cardiff (Freelance)Remake of an already made Flash site for Ikea. I don’t usually do Flash but this was quite straightforward.
  • Icon NetworksIcon Networks (Freelance)Small freelance job for a company in Australia, a very simple HTML structure and clean CSS, very pleasing to work with.