A house is emerging from the rubble

The construction of our house has been a wondrous thing to follow for me, obviously, but now when we’re finally starting to see the end it’s really amazing. We started the build with 25 people, lost a few along the way, and have now hired a few more to arrive back at 24 staff. For every days full work incredibly large progress is made and I couldn’t be happier.

The initial concrete construction, piling hollow-blocks on top of each other and slapping on the finish was incredibly fast and very pleasing. But after that they built the more detailed wooden rafters and that’s when the bad weather hit us. December and january was quite painful to watch; quite slow progress and lots of very wet wood everywhere. Now that the roof is on (ok, almost) it’s full speed again and the big lump in my stomach is starting to digest.

We now have windows and doors, installed in just a few days, both bathrooms fully tiled, the kitchen and breakfast bar is rising up and many more quite big jobs have been taken care of just this one week! And now the sun is making a longed after appearance and I’m positively skipping with joy.

It looks like we’ll go over our (very) estimated budget with about 15% which is still within the pain threshold, ie. we will still be able to buy some furniture now but perhaps not all the toys I’ve planned just yet!

I’ve started telling people that we will move into the house at the end of this month, which was our very first original plan, the foreman was very sure it would be at the end of the previous month but due to bad weather it was changed. So all in all the project have run pretty much like I imagined it would from the very beginning. Not bad for an estimate picked out of the air by someone who really doesn’t know anything about building houses!

The only small worry we still have is if the garden will look ‘good enough’ for the wedding… the grass is on and the plants are there, but we’re not sure if the grass will look just right. Again, that is all because of the heavy rain we had, at least it was force majeure and not bad planning.

Now we just need a final mad rush, hopefully a couple weeks of decent weather and we should be all good!

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  1. Hey Mate,

    Just checking to see how you’re doing.. It’s been a long time. I hope all is well with the family.

    All the best,

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