Beach life

Sundays are White Beach day; we bring a variable number of people to the beach, have lunch and play around in the sea and then go home. The good old times used to be Chili Bar ‘Gulp Sunday’; eat as much bbq and drink as much beer as you could for 300 peso each. It was an awesome deal for everyone except Chili Bar.

During low season this event has turned into a family thing; Christy and me and a different variable of kids closely related to the family doing the same thing as above less the beer.

And now some kind of crazy mix is trying to happen and all parts are not quite yet happy with the results. We have several family members trying to keep the family thing going while way more long-time locals are quaffing beers in the sea…

Either way, beach life is here and it’s here to stay; there will be family members larging it around together with long-time scum every Sunday from here on, at least until early spring when said scum slink back to their regular dwellings…

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  1. Hello Andy!

    Nice site, I hope you could post recent updates. I would be glad to glance at your pictures there especially with your house.


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