Blood sacrifice

Warning! This post contains references to both animal and human blood, and hairless testicles!

We’re now getting to the end of the first week of building our house. I’m amazed at each days progress and we’ve come to realise that some god or other must be smiling down on us since we have a plain fantastic view, specially from our bedroom. The foreman have told us that it will probably take even less time to finish it all than we actually hoped.

All in all a pretty cool first week.

A few days ago the foreman cautiously approached my fiancee to ask if she thought I would mind terribly if we could follow the old culture and make an offering to… I’m actually not sure, again some god or other. The offering required blood and it was suggested that we get a few goats and have big lunch all together, families and workers and whatnot.

I’m being very careful to never disturb any of my new family’s culture, be it Catholicism or belief in black magic; I just tag along and keep my opinions mostly to myself, if I would mind terribly I would say that I would not partake and let them to it. But as it happens I’m particularly fond of goat meat so of course I’m all in.

Deal sealed we sent out the word that we were in the goat buying business and soon had three cabritos tied to a tree happily eating grass and enjoying the great view.

Very early this morning some of the multiskilled workers sharpened their knives and soon the pots and pans were bubbling away, and several other lads were rounded up for sous chef duty.

Now we’re getting to the human part of this post; the seller of the goats was stabbed late last night by his own father who was upset that the goats were sold without the fathers permission! Daddy-o is now spending the weekend in jail…

Let’s finish off with those promised bald nuts:

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