A house with a view

My fiancee (wahey!) and myself can’t be stopped right now, we’re on a monster-roll; after shocking pretty much every part of the whole extended family by pale-faced falling on my knees and completely forgetting my rehearsed speech we have now decided to take our first step on the property ladder together.

After looking around for more than a month and just not finding quite that right one we finally hit paydirt; a cool thousand square meters that lies a few hundred meters from the sea in Talisay, a region just next to Panagsama for those who have been in the area before. It’s not final yet and I guess something could still turn up to throw the whole thing into the trash but at this moment it’s looking pretty good.

Tomorrow the surveyor will be around to mark out ‘our’ piece (we are buying only a part of the sellers land) and to make his life easier (and for us to be able to actually see the ground) we have spent today by pointing the local lads in the right direction to clear all the shrubbery away. The whole lot is pretty much solid limestone in different elevations but probably not more than a meter and a half from the bottom to the top.

This will be the view from our lounge, minus the crazy green growth:

In case you didn’t quite spot that smudge in the back, here is a better view:

Yes, we can see Pescador Island from any point on our lot! And to make things even better, this little fellow marks one corner of our small slice of paradise:

By wandering those few hundred meters mentioned above you will find yourself at this little fisherman-beach, perhaps not a dream sandy beach but still better than a kick in the nuts:

To celebrate our first day on ‘our’ lot (err, and to get some lunch into the hungry lads) we rustled up some proper filipino cuisine; rice and fish!

And through all this I was very happy to have my dear mother around to experience all this first-hand.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all around in some six months when the house might be finished, more updates to follow!

5 thoughts on “A house with a view”

  1. Guud vad det ser fint ut även utan hus. Jag kommer ner och kampar där när jag blir rik. Hoppas allt går bra jag håller tummarna. Lycka till och hälsa alla. Kramar Moster mmb

  2. Gratszzz… Cool place you have chosen… Best wishes and all the best! These pictures –the food is killing me… I’m craving for fish!!! :P

  3. Fantastiskt! Såååå vackert! Det ska bli sÃ¥ spännande att fÃ¥ se hur allt blir när det är klart. Hoppas pÃ¥ att fÃ¥ se lite bilder under “byggets gÃ¥ng” ocksÃ¥!

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