Filipino DIY

I grew up on a farm, and even though I did my best to move away from said dwelling as soon as I could I still lived there for almost twenty years. So I’ve certainly done my fair share of farm-related work, or at least been an unhappy bystander to all things that can (and usually) do go wrong on a farm. That of course include carpentry, plumbing and other similar DIY tasks.

So I consider myself to be an at least half-decent handyman. If my brother is reading this I believe he just had a small attack of uncontrollable laughter since he’s been in the way of my skills in the past. He’s certainly a much much better handyman than myself, but still, I’m not bad.

The problems I have with DIY over here is my complete lack of tools and the complete lack of intelligent staff in the local hardware shop. If an item is called widget and I ask for a wodget with included explanations and excited waving of arms I have zero chance of getting them to understand that I am, after all, trying to purchase a widget. They seem to have an almost aggressive lack of imagination when it comes to understanding what I mean. I’ve left that place in a huff more than just a few times…

I am so looking forward to the day in the not-too-distant-future when I will start building a house, I’m sure that me and the staff in the shop will have many memorable moments together, let the insanity ensue!

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  1. DIY = do it yourself??
    Ska jag ta med mig några bra verktyg när jag kommer?
    Någon liten favorittång kanske?
    Var ska ni bygga huset? Spännande!!

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