Sunday breakfast

We usually try to go out to have breakfast on Sundays and have so far been trying out different places in search for the best bread in the area. We still haven’t found a perfect place but the one we went to yesterday came pretty close.

There was just the slight issue with the dead person lying next to the pool that brought down the score a bit.

About 20 minutes before we arrived a few of the guests were swimming in the pool, one guy (apparently, no-one was really sure) dived into the pool, hit the bottom and, well… died. The information was a bit unclear, someone said he drowned, but when they tried to give him first aid blood was coming out of his nose and mouth and we were all pretty sure that doesn’t usually happen on a ‘regular’ drowning.

The body was lying on a sun-lounger with a sheet over it and his friend being consoled by the side. A pretty somber start of the day…

A schoolmate of my girlfriend’s younger sister (about 12 yo) was recently bitten by a dog, she went home and rested, got worse, and died in her bed a few days later. It feels wrong to accuse her parents of being ignorant when their daughter just passed away, but isn’t it fairly common knowledge that people with dog-bites should be checked for tetanus?

Now, don’t bad things usually come in three’s?!

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  1. Äntligen skrev du något här! Men så hemskt med flickan, finns det rabies på Filipinerna? Tro nu inte att det måste hända något mer! nej det måste inte hända tre otrevliga saker på rad. Det är bara vidskepelse. Ha det så bra och var rädda om er. Kram!

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