A New Hope

I’m now back in Moalboal, nicely settling into a life that could easily become routine. When I left the area last year I really didn’t think I would be coming back here this soon, or possibly at all; I was planning to travel around Asia and dive everyplace I could find. How foolish of me to even attempt to make such a grand plan!

Instead my fantastic girlfriend Christy invaded my life and took over the show. So I’m now living with her and her two kids; four-year-old Yvonne and six-year-old CJ. Not at all what I was expecting, or could even imagine, but here I am, and very happy about it!

There are some teething problems, of course, the kids are mostly ok with me storming into their lives, but we do have some minor difficulties with attention seeking and whatnot. Which is to be expected, I think, and will surely sort itself out in due time.

Christy did a stellar job in finding our house, it’s a three-bedroom, all three rooms with small en-suite wet-rooms, very close to the school and just the right distance to her parents; close enough to easily to swing the kids over that way but far away enough to not have them on the doorstep all the time. One room for the kids, one for us and one for my ‘office’. Also a great outside area with a lovely breeze where we spend most of the time.

But I haven’t completely killed off my ‘travelling around Asia to dive’-plan, I’m way to stubborn to just forget about that, so once Christy is certified we will be going around the neighbouring islands to start with and then possibly further away. So I will basically be doing the same thing as planned, but now with a nice base and my constant buddy coming with me!

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  1. You now have only 5 more Star Wars themed post title opportunities, use them wisely Jedi ;)

  2. So happy to read this. I wish all luck for the two of you! Take good care of the children and remember always to love them. Kids can never get too much love only too much things. Hope to see you this summer.

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