I’m on the 29th floor, there’s a total of 55. Well, minus any number that ends on 4, since that’s an unlucky number, obviously… And for some reason there’s two 27th…

We’ve got a few shopping malls in the base of the estate, then a big garden and swimming pools and stuff and the flats start counting on level 5.

The unlucky anything with 4th floor is interesting, some people take great care and count the actual floors in the building to make sure they don’t get a flat on the 44th floor! I guess the 47th floor in our building is actually the 44th, depending on how you count the mall and podium and whatnot… It’s a science!

There’s 8 flats per floor in our tower and 3 elevators and I’ve already ridden with other people from my floor several times, both up and down! I mean, the chance of coming or going at the same time as just 8 other flats is pretty small, no?

Or maybe the people living on our floor share a very basic… ehhh… whatever.

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