Not Johnny Weissmuller

I’m now starting to get into a good routine here; wake up around 10, faff around for a few hours, possibly start working, go swimming and then have lunch, start working properly around 3, dinner sometime around 8 and keep working until midnight. It suits me perfectly and I feel that I deliver my most efficient 8 hour day; I usually have a pretty hard time getting things done in the morning when I’m ‘at home’.

There’s a pretty nice pool and gym for our building and I go swimming pretty much every day. I got really excited about the outdoors 50m pool when I first arrived but luckily they closed it for winter during the first week I was here since it’s freezing cold in the water! Indoors if fine with me. Except that it does get a bit crowded sometimes, and most of the times it’s slightly older, slightly larger, ladies swimming in very un-straight lines. Think old car, can still be beautiful but takes some time to turn around. You have to keep an eye out all the time to avoid embarrassing collisions.

1 thought on “Not Johnny Weissmuller”

  1. Hej Andy!
    SÃ¥ fina bilder! Nu vet jag hur det ser ut runt omkring din vardag. Riktigt lyxigt skulle jag säga. By the way, vad händer om en mÃ¥nad, en vecka och tre dagar? Hm…Puerto Galera??

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