Balik balik!

I’m back in Moalboal, back working a few days in Kasai before I start my next mini-adventure; I’m going to stay with my friend Jussi in Hong Kong for three months! He’s been living there for a while now and has a spare bedroom, I needed somewhere to stay with a good internet connection to do some work, perfect!

Once again I’ve been lucky and managed to get a three-month freelance contract, if I behave and don’t spend all the money in HK I should be able to make the earnings last for quite some time in Indonesia or Philippines just goofing around. I seriously need to figure out what I want to do in the long run now, and I can’t see a better way to do that than by doing sweet FA for a nice long time…

About a month ago I went back to Sweden to attend my cousins wedding, it was an absolutely stunning event in the Stockholm archipelago, something I would happily base my own wedding upon if I ever get to that day… A beautiful setting by a lake and perfect weather, perfect. Also a good opportunity to meet all the family again! The only problem I could see was the great selection of alcohol offered, it was impossible to chose! My brother went over to make a drink but came back after 10 minutes with a beer instead… All in all a very nice day. And a big thank you to Annika and Pelle for letting me stay at your place!

I also spent some time with my brother which we haven’t done for a while, always something I look forward to! He’s slowly restoring his house to a level it has never seen before, and it’s looking great. He just needs to speed things up a bit so he can come and visit me soon!

I also managed to go and visit some old and new friends during my brief time in Sweden… Linn, say hi to your dad and Eva from me. Hanna, scratch Signe’s tummy from me! Roland and the rest of the ‘punks’, just keep doing what you’re doing.

After my brief visit to Sweden I managed to swing past London as well to visit even more friends and sort out some bits and pieces to do with my flat and meet up with IG to arrange this contract. Thank you to Liz and Damian for your very comfortable naughty room, Damian, I hope you’re happy with your new 3GS! Also big thank you to the Curry Crew; Sarah & Jon, Charlie & Allan, Ben & Lucy (in spirit), always true to the Standard!

The strangest thing with this Euro-trip was coming back to Cebu, it was like I hadn’t been away at all, but my brain was going ‘Hold on, we were in Europe just now, right?’. I arrived back at Kasai around ten past two and 20 minutes later I was on the diveboat going out for the afternoon dive. I backrolled into the water with an empty bcd and luckily I had remembered to stick my reg in my mouth! Just a touch too confident perhaps…

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