Life is slow here in Siargao, way slower than it ever was in Moalboal, the obvious difference is of course that I was working in Moalboal, but still, the pace of life here is just not the same. I also find it very hard to get anything done! I had all these plans on organizing my photos, developing some more on the secret website project I’m working on with Damian, perhaps redo my own site as well, lots of plans. Progress report so far? Zilch. Nada. Zero. I did have this slightly random translation job that I picked up a few months ago that I’m hoping will lead to some more regular webwork in the future that I was freaking out about for a while but that’s thankfully done now. Or rather, it’s done now thanks to my dear mother who helped me sound less like a robot-translator and more like a human! That will bring in a little bit of cash that will at least pay for my massage sessions here…

See, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, and lately it’s been a laptop on not so userfriendly and ergonomic tables and chairs, so I’ve developed an amazing array of knots and other bad things in my back that I decided to get rid of once and for all. I also managed to slip on a wet floor and smack my left elbow hard which messed up my shoulder a bit so I’m now getting a pretty serious massage two-three times a week. That also helps for the seriously knackered arms and shoulders you get from surfing…

And I just can’t get enough of the surfing, it’s just so insanely pleasing to catch a nice break! Surfing is weird though, I only have the energy to surf for like two hours at a time, and most days only once per day. You want to catch the middle-to-high tide for the best surf and thus have to schedule your day around whenever that happens. Like going up at 4.30am and hobbling out to the breaks while rubbing the salt from your eyes… and going out at 4.30pm and enjoying some night surfing trying to catch that very last break before it goes completely dark and you can’t even the sea the whitewater of the waves… Today it’s a more decent 11am high-tide and the second high-tide happens after sunset. But the afternoon low-tide is a very high one so you can surf all afternoon! It’s all very complicated and there’s a lot of science behind all this to do with the moon and tides and out-at-sea-weather and all that jazz, so of course instead we use a website like Magicseaweed to keep track of it all for us.

Back on track, surfing VS work schedule. So you know you have to get up early tomorrow to surf so you lock yourself in your room and turn the lights off so no-one will come and drag you down to the bar. Get up really early, surf until you basically can’t lift your arms over waist-height and go get breakfast. Now, this is the point where I should be starting to work. What do you think happens? I go back to bed, read my book and fall asleep again. Wake up mid-afternoon and wonder what happened. Rest of the day is a write-off of course and then the beer-drinking starts again to forget that nothing has been done today either.


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