When I was a child my mother worked as a teacher, but more importantly she was also the school librarian. Obviously my dear mother was generally inclined towards reading and learning, being a teacher and all, but every now and then she would bring home a box of new books that was going into the library, and I had first digs on it all! It was nice to get fresh books but the real pleasure was getting all those books before everyone else! Loved it.

I’ve been a very quick reader my whole life, mainly because of the fact that I don’t actually read all the words but skim quite a bit when the upcoming block of text looks too dense and lacking in the interesting department. (I think that is also one reason why I always write in relatively short paragraphs, to not let anyone else skim whatever I’ve written!) Whenever the storyline just doesn’t make sense anymore I just go back and reread the too heavily skimmed parts… This also means that I can read a book several times and still enjoy it every time!

One of my favorite childhood authors was Roald Dahl, I read several of his fantastic books but todays entry is obviously about the BFG, the Big Friendly Giant. So I’m 184 centimeters tall, I would say that’s kind of average northern European. Well, I’m absolutely freaking huge here in the Philippines! And sometimes it really feels like being the monkey in the cage with people looking as you wander past.

But the people here are absolutely lovely, and I feel very relaxed and comfortable here, so I’m usually walking around with a big silly grin on my face, thus the connection to todays entry.

2 thoughts on “The BFG”

  1. Åh, det var det the BFG stod för. Jag tänkte faktiskt det när jag såg det på Facebook. Ja, barndomen sätter sina spår. Tur att det ibland är trevliga såndana! Det får man verkligen säga när man läser om hur mysigt det var att få läsa böckerna först. Jag blir rörd! Kramar till dig.

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