Older & wiser

Another year gone past, hopefully some new things learned. I feel wiser, for sure!

So my time in Kasai Village is drawing to an end, I’m working until the end of this month and then I’m going surfing in Siargao for six weeks. To top things off we are going to have a pretty full house here the last two weeks before I leave, one group of 12 divers for one week followed by a group of 9 divers the week after.

It turned out that Rolieta, another staff here in Kasai, had the same birthday as me so we managed to shake up most of the staff here and roll down to White Beach for some beers and music. Obviously it was raining but still quite enjoyable!

2 thoughts on “Older & wiser”

  1. Fräck bild!! Hur är den gjord? Jag ser att det står Andy och att det är ute över vattnet, men hur? Någonslags lampa? För det är väl inte en blixt? Då hade det varir ändå häftigare.

  2. Hey!
    It just happened that i surfed my name on the net and i found it written here in your site.

    Thanks, now you make me searchable.

    Im famous!

    a wishful thinking i know!

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