My last breath

Tomorrow is my last day working for Kasai Village, at least for this time around, I’m sure I will be back here for some great scuba diving in Moalboal again soon. Last night we went to Chili Bar to see if this weeks pool competition brought any people… well, the competition was canceled but I haven’t seen that many people in there for ages! It was great fun and just too many beers were had.

So with a slight headache we went out for the last dive on the housereef this morning. If I just wouldn’t have been so nauseous it would have been just great, a nice send-off. I kind of just wanted to get back on land and have a big greasy breakfast…

How about some stats? Well, in 7 months in Kasai I’ve done 219 dives in total, 83 on the housereef and 53 on Pescador Island, managing to spot a whaleshark, a nice proper look at a few whitetip reefsharks, uncountable turtles, robust ghost pipefish, leaf ghost pipefish, shrimps and crabs of all kinds, fantastic nudibranchs and finally a sea pen! Not too bad, but I was hoping for more dives… My total is a bit over 800 now, the goal was definitely to break the 1000 limit during my stay here… but hey, it’s been great!

I haven’t done nearly enough freediving though, but I’m bringing my fins and I’m hoping to freedive regularly in Siargao, the goal there is to see a dugong!

So long Kasai, see you around!

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