German bread!

We have a big group of guests here now, 14 divers from California that’s come to scuba dive in Moalboal. This is the biggest group we’ve accommodated during my time here and there’s been quite a bit of planning and preparation.

The restaurant here has been the weakest link for a while and we’ve now had the Filipino version of Gordon Ramsay around (same result, just way less swearing and no firing of people yet) and he’s done quite a few changes and has been holding training sessions in all kinds of subjects. One was cocktail making and I managed to wander in just as it finished and got all the leftovers. Nice, shame all I wanted was dinner… Oh well, you take what you get, eh?

Had a chat with Filipino-Gordon the other day and he was saying that they would be using all the tricks to make the food service a memory the guests would take with them home. Literally. The plan is that every guest should gain around 2kg during a one week stay! So we’ve now got all this nice food served in massive buffets, and we’re encouraged to eat with the guests, being social and all that jazz and I’m absolutely stuffing myself…

One thing I’ve been really missing here in the Philippines is proper bread, the local population doesn’t really eat that much bread on a general basis and if we don’t have European or American guests we don’t have nice bread here. Usually I’m eating pancakes for breakfast, which is actually a rather small breakfast, at least compared to what I’m wolfing down right now… Now we’ve got the absolutely fantastic German Bread, a quite thick whole-wheat jobbie that works a treat with fried eggs, bacon and ham on it.

I think I’m going to ban myself from the restaurant, and just eat rice and dried fish with the local staff. Hmm, maybe I’ll just swap the fish for a bunch of bacon. And some deep fried chicken legs. And…

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  1. Hej!
    Var nu försiktig med den goa maten sÃ¥ att du inte gÃ¥r upp i vikt. Nu när du blivit sÃ¥ smal och fin. En minut i munnen, en timme i magen och ett liv pÃ¥ magen – är det inte sÃ¥ man brukar säga? HÃ¥ll koll pÃ¥ kilona men unna dej att smaka lite. Det behövdes verkligen en Gordon pÃ¥ det där stället!! Nu skulle jag vilja komma tillbaka och proväta! Kram frÃ¥n mamma

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