iPod Touch vs. new iPhone

Right this moment I’m curled up in some kind of rattan hammock which is hanging in a little hut by the edge of the sea. I am struggling a little bit getting my legs comfortable but it’s a struggle I’m slowly winning so that’s ok.

I’m typing this entry, together with all other online activities over the last few days on my iPod Touch, possibly the best gadget I’ve ever owned. The basic music playing features on it are the best I’ve come across but what really makes clever little piece of gadgetry a master in it’s class is when you start adding small additional applications to it that you can download from the Internet, most of the great ones you have to pay a dollar or so for but there’s loads of fun and practical ones for free as well. All this isn’t really new but as usual I’m a rather slow starter with all this and this little excursion is the first time I’ve really used it to it’s full potential. I guess the fact I usually have my laptop with me has a lot to do with it…

So I’ve now got Facebook and, more importantly for this entry, WordPress installed on it. WordPress is the software I use to write this blog… So I’m in this hammock, tapping away, and when I wander over to the restaurant, where there’s wifi Internet, it will upload the entry to my blog. Ta-daa!

In the beginning I wasn’t sure about the rather small keyboard, which is a bit fiddly to use even for my rather normal-sized fingers, but with the very clever auto-correction and just a bit of practice you’re soon up to comfortable typing speed again.

So I’ve got the iPod version and Apple has just announced the new iPhone 3GS, which apart from the obvious phone functionality has quite a few more useful features that makes it very interesting for me, specially being able to use it to make Skype calls for free whenever I’m connected to the Internet. As long as I don’t need to do any actual development work I can do everything I need to do online on it!

iPhone here I come!

2 thoughts on “iPod Touch vs. new iPhone”

  1. Oj, Oj vad dom hittar pÃ¥! Nya, dyra leksaker hela tiden! Fast det är klart – om du kan ligga i hängmattan och jobba är det kanske värt det. Men din Mac kan du ju ocksÃ¥ ha i knät… Vad gör du dÃ¥ med din gamla iPod? Blir den till salu?
    Här i Skåne är det regnigt och kallt, inte utan att man längtar tillbaka till värmen. Igår köpte jag 7 rosenbuskar som ska planteras nu. Annars är allt som vanligt. Kramar.

  2. Tjosan din skojare!

    Så du diggar din TOUCH. . . .jag funderar just på vad ja skall köpa för rolig liten sak närmsta tiden, å tankarna har legat på en TOUCH. Jag kan få mig en 8gb för 1500kr i Sverige. Klart nya Iphone tilltalar mer, men priset kan jag tänka tilltalar mindre.

    Ha det gött i hängmattan.


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