Holiday away from holiday

My friend Ben is here visiting for a few weeks and we’re currently on this small island in the very eastern Philippines called Siargao. It’s main activity is surfing and it’s now super low season with small
waves suitable for beginners, which we definitely are.

The journey out here couldn’t really have been much easier; a cheap 50 minute flight from Cebu, a thoroughly ass-numbing 25 kilometer taxi-motorbike ride and we’re sitting down in a really nice laidback resort with our first beer.

Fun fact about flying with one of your best mates; he will not wake you up before the anticipated rough landing but instead sit back and enjoy your terrified facial expression whilst you’re almost shouting out ‘Shit we’re crashing!’ Wanker.

Well, karma pays back; he’s got a lilac colored board and I’ve got a sweet white one. We’re now ready to head out to Cloud 9 and catch some waves. One thing to point out is that it’s all reef breaks here, we’ve only been surfing beach breaks before and we’re slightly concerned about crashing face first into one of the toombstone razorblades that litter the reef. Will get back to you with an update later. If I can still type that is.

Hey, surf’s up!

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