The Underwater Photographer – Martin Edge

Before I left the UK I went online and ordered a bunch of UW photo books with full intention of reading them all and also bringing them on this ‘trip’ (I still haven’t figured out what to call this thing I’m doing!). Well, I also had a whole bunch of other stuff to do, such as selling all my unwanted gear, getting the flat rented out and other similar nice things.

So obviously I didn’t read it. Or any of the other books I bought… And of course I didn’t bring it with me either since I had some serious weight issues with my luggage and several kg of paper didn’t seem like the right thing to pay rip-off overweight fines for.

But as I arrived here at Kasai I quickly found out that Martin Edge recently did a photo workshop here and left a copy of his book behind! I’ve just finished reading the whole thing and I’m barely able to contain the anger I hold towards the site that should show me the progress of the package holding all my new uw photo toys! No, it’s yet not changed, I just checked, again.

The book is fantastic, you can use it as a reference point, you can read it from cover to cover just because you feel like it, and it covers everything from the very beginners instructions to some quite advanced methods using very expensive gadgetry.

While properly fueling all my pent-up eagerness it’s also sowing some doubt upon the choices I’ve made with my purchase; I’ve decided to go for a higher-end compact camera instead of ‘proper’ digital SLR camera… The main reason for this is obviously the $10k price difference but also the size of gear to bring on dive-travels, I’ve seen the luggage of some of the serious photographers we’ve had here and I don’t fancy it at all.

Another thing I’ve come to realise is that uw photography will most probably only be a hobby for me, possibly I’ll get some nice shots that I can print up and hang on my walls (if I ever stay in place long enough to get ‘my walls’ again), and definitely get some shots to impress my family and friends with. But will I enter competitions? Will I try to sell my photos? I doubt it, there’s just too many people out there doing this and I’m way too lazy!

If you have any aspirations at all to take photographs under the surface, even just with the most basic compact camera,  then definitely pick up this book and read the whole thing, it’s great!

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