Size matters

A while back Tata showed us some pygmy seahorses over by Coption Point, very cool indeed, but since then the little buggers have disappeared… much to the chagrin of our boss who wants all the action easily accessible to show our guests. Obviously.

Anyway, people have previously been able to see the seahorses on our house reef so today Tata and me went out to look for them. A simple plan; swim out, drop down and look in this first location, then swim south for 15 minutes and look there. We swam out, dropped down, I was thinking about my new camera housing, and things on the house reef that I want to start using it on when I heard Tata signaling rather frantic and pointing down…

WHALE SHARK! Literally just below us! We’re guessing it was around six meters long, slowly cruising north along the bottom of the house reef wall… We started swimming after it, and since we were mid-descent and negatively buoyant when Tata spotted it I quickly got way too deep for our Nitrox mix and I was frantically trying to take photos of it. Let me tell you, when I say that it was ‘cruising slowly’, what I mean is that it’s not moving it’s fins a lot, but it’s moving ahead, against the current, in a good steady pace.

Obviously I was soon completely wasted, way too deep, heart hammering on, hyperventilating a slightly dangerous mix with my head spinning like crazy. I think it was the first time in my diving life that I was actually a little bit worried about what I was doing. We stopped, went up a bit, looked at each other and grinned. And then went on with our intended plan to go look for the pygmy seahorses. Which we obviously didn’t find.

And I didn’t even get a decent shot of it…

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  1. Hey!
    Be careful with the diving!
    Saw the tracklist earlier today, but now it´s gone. I saw violine music by Bach and Mozart. Yes, violine was your instrument, but try Mozart´s Clarinette Consert, KV 622:sats 1. It´s not bad.

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