Life is now slowly settling back into normality, the girls have left, my mother left this morning, the current two guests leave in a few days and then it’ll be empty here for 18 days. Eighteen. Empty.

Today is scary hot and right now there’s a bunch of boys training karate on our lawn, the funniest part is that the trainer is wearing a really cool black suit with a red belt, all the lads have white suits on. I bet he regrets the decision to be the only one to look cool and wear black…

Among some of the things that we’ll be doing is training this new Filipino chap, Allan, to be the new scuba-bitch. He’ll be responsible for the compressor room, equipment and so on, and later on he’ll be trained into a guide. Today I was showing him how to fill nitrox tanks; it’s not rocket science but there are some things you have to keep an eye on while filling. So I was telling him about the oxygen tank, and the fact that it would be running out soon, so it needed to be changed over. His English is ok, more funny than bad, and then this conversation ensued:

Me: So, when it reaches zero you come and get me.

Allan: Ok.

Allan: Err, do I have to panic?!

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