Sadly I don’t really have any changes to talk about… I still haven’t received my underwater housing! I’ve been given a very helpful link with a tracking number that shows the progress of the package, which I’m checking shamefully often. Well, too bad it’s not updating! The last thing that was recorded was the package getting on the flight from Taiwan to Manila, I’m guessing that the next step should be the customs clearance and then another flight to Cebu and so on… COME ON CUSTOMS! Or possibly; COME ON PERSON WHO UPDATES THE STATUS!

Our next scheduled guests will arrive tomorrow and I’m looking forward to some regular diving again. We had a bunch of Koreans here last week, of which only one could speak English, actually, none of them could speak English but one of them was slightly less shit than the others. It took me a full hour to sort out the prices and events that would let them do some snorkelling and a discover scuba dive, usually that conversation takes way less than five minutes. We had a memorable moment with their little palm translator and me starting to speed-talk English just because I was fully fed up with anything Korean. They also tried to sweeten their deal by offering a kiss from the only girl in the group. Which was the English-speaking lads girlfriend, that earned him a cuff over the ears, quite funny! In the end they were very happy with their stay here and we were happy to see them leave.

At the moment Jussi is here visiting from HK and over the weekend we went up to Cebu City to meet up with Wolfgang, Ken and Dawn for a drunken night out to see off Lee who’s now back in the UK. I’m sure he’s already regretting the decision to go there but he should be back here in a few weeks.

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