Elvis has left the building…

… and so has Carro & Linn, my two workmates here at Kasai. So it’s a sad day here, and as soon as they left it started raining, a sign perhaps?!

We’ve worked together since the beginning of this year and I first met them in November so we haven’t really known each other that long, but the three of us has been stuck together pretty much the whole time so it really feels a bit odd that they’re not here anymore! Luckily I have my mother here to keep me company for another few days, and after that I have to start working with my freelance contract in earnest (hi Steven!) so I guess I’ll manage to keep myself busy enough…

I wonder if I’ll meet them again in the future, we’ve sure made some plans for it to happen but you never know. At least I have a whole bunch of happy memories to remind me of them.

A big thank you to both of you for the time here, I wish you all the best for your continued holiday and coming trip back to reality!

Miss you already!

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