Walk like a filipino

They’re building a jetty in Kasai, it will be something like 150 meters long in total when it’s completed, 120 meters fixed and 30 meters floating. Suffice it to say it’s a massive build. It’s now come to a temporary stand-still since there’s no more low tide until the end of March.

To cast the concrete they build a wooden frame and then throw big rocks, reinforcement iron and concrete mix into it and let it harden. To make the current setup look good before our important guests turn up tomorrow we’ve removed the wooden frame and hidden it behind an outhouse.

Filipinos are very good at carrying things; bags of concrete, bags of sand, big rocks, wood, other filipinos and so on. We scandi’s are not quite as good at carrying things, at least not without complaining a lot about it. Today we’ve been carrying pieces of wood soaked in sea-water and covered in concrete.

We didn’t last very long. We all threatened to quit.

Everything hurts.

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