Ninja diving

I went night-diving last night, it’s something I particularly like but for some reason (lazy? too comfortable?) I haven’t been doing it much at all here. Yet! It was really cool, usually it’s only some of the guests that want to do it, so it’s pretty much always very small groups. Which is exactly what you want, too many flashlights and it ruins the whole thing!

One of the guests brought a camera on the dive, and he had a hard time keeping up on all the little critters we found, there were just too many to photograph them all! I pointed out a large crab in a small-ish cave and he just swam into the cave full speed and rammed his quite expensive camera and strobes into the corner of the cave to the capture the crab… It’s not really nice to the animals, and it’s definately not good for the reef when people do that, but it looked absolutely hilarious and I was trying hard not to laugh too much when he swam out of the cave rubbing his head…

I’ve also realised that when I’m using the freediving wetsuit I’m now completely black-clad underwater! My other wetsuit has some grey and other lighter patterns on it, but with this suit on I’m all blacked out.

When you dive with a group you usually try to memorize what fins the different people are wearing; two green, one yellow, one black and so on… this is specially important on night-dives, you don’t really want to stick your torch into someones face to identify your diver if you cross paths with another boat! Obviously it doesn’t really help if everyone wears the same color…

It’s interesting when you travel and meet other divers, and to sit on the boat before a dive and inspect each others gear, and discuss brands and models. And colors. Enter the ninja diver; someone who only wears black. I personally think it’s just easier to stick to one color, and one color which you know you will always be able to replace without any problem at all.

But hey, black is cool!

I’m a ninja diver.

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