Cold again

The important guests have arrived and left again; over a weeks of intense preparations, two days of stressed out diving and being on our best behavior… phew!

And as usual I was too lazy to make the extra effort and use my new freediving wetsuit instead of my old scuba wetsuit so I got a bit cold at the end of the days. And of course I got a small cold again. Sadly I can only blame myself. Again.

The freediving wetsuit is just a bit too cumbersome to use though, it’s a two-piece suit with tall trousers so I get a double layer over most of the upper body for extra warmth and the top has an integrated hood for even more warmth. It’s also made of a special kind of neoprene that makes it stick more to the skin which makes it very hard to put on and take off! I’ve found the best way to get the top on is to jump into the sea and swim into it. While holding my breath to get the hood on. And hope that it doesn’t get stuck anywhere when I’m part underwater with a rubber hood partly over my head. I’ve been told that it’s very interesting to watch me put it on.

Anyway, today Linn and Kalle is doing a freediving course with Wolfgang here in Kasai, Carro is out diving and I’m in the compressor room. Which actually suits me quite well because it’s boiling hot in there and I’m sweating out my cold. At least that’s what I’m hoping. I was in the office most of yesterday and will be diving again tomorrow, so two days out of the water should be enough I think.

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