Linn’s family is here visiting and the other day Linn, her dad and me went canyoning with Planet Action! Linn and Carro went on the same trip a few months ago and this time it was my turn to come along. It was awesome! Standing above a fall and trying to look down and failing because it’s too steep is a bit nervewracking since you know you’ll be rapelling down it in just a few moments…

First we went for a short hike to get to the first fall and then it was literally 4-5 falls pretty much right after each other. Our group was eight people and two guides, perhaps just a bit too big, it got a bit boring standing around waiting for your turn… but the surrounding area was pretty cool to check out anyway.

I brought my underwater camera along and we managed to take a few shots of the action:

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  1. Måste bara säga att WOW vilka undervattensbilder!! Måste visa barnen att du tagit kort på Nemo, hihi!
    Det måste vara hur kul som helst att fota under vatten!

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