Underwater photography

I’d love to be able to call myself a photographer, sadly I don’t think I can claim that prestigious title yet, specially after hanging out with my current housemate Jussi when he’s been taking photos of Kasai and hurrying around talking about ‘soft light’ and similar topics.

For Christmas I bought myself an underwater house for my compact camera and I’ve been trying to bring it with me on as many dives as possible. It’s a nightmare to dive with someone who’s taking photos underwater, they’re all horrible buddies, staying with one object for ages trying to get the right light and composition. So I try to bring the camera when I know I’m just fundiving on my own or diving with someone else who’s also taking photos. Whenever I lead and guide a group of divers I definately have to leave the camera on shore though, imagine paying for a guide to show you around and he’s just taking photos of the things he’s supposed to show you!

I’ve now taken a bunch of photos and a few of them are worth showing off, so enoy:

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  1. These are brilliant, Andy. I’ve always wanted to get into underwater photos a little more, but I guess the problem has always been that I just haven’t dived enough.
    How many dives do you reckon you’d have logged now (if you were still logging them) – 200? 500?

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