Underwater camera!?

I recently whinged about my camera not working properly due to me being an idiot and dropping it on the floor. It basically will not focus on anything closer than one meter from the lens. Underwater photography without a proper external flash is pretty much all about macro, up close and personal, and if my camera wouldn’t focus closer than a meter? Useless.

We’ve been busy painting the equipment area and building some new bits for the dive-boats this week, so we really felt that we needed a dive; this morning we all got together a bit earlier than usual and went out for a dive on the house reef and I decided to bring the camera and give it a last go before sending it into the wall and claiming it on insurance…

Well, guess what? It works fine! Focusing just as close as before and whatever else I wanted to do! But it still doesn’t work on land though, so now it’s basically a full-time underwater camera!

Feel free to sample some of the shots I took today:

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