Say what?

Both me and my brother have a genetical hearing disability, inherited from our dad, and I’ve also added on to that with loud concerts and explosions… and I’ve got tinnitus. Basically my hearing is pretty bad!

I can get through my day-to-day life pretty good, but every now and then I really notice it; in bars or similar crowded places with a constant background noise I have a hard time to hear people and correspondingly I also have issues when it’s just me and someone else having a relaxed conversation in front of the TV or similar… In many ways the second issue is harder to get along with, I mean, who cares about people in bars?!

When I was 9 I got glasses, and I started dreaming of the day I could wear contact lenses, the problem was that I had pretty strong astigmatism and contacts that correct that problem are made in steps and my correction was just in between steps and I couldn’t wear the contacts at work since it gave me headache to stare at a computer screen. So a few years ago I had laser eye surgery and now I can see through walls.

Well, hearing surgery isn’t that advanced yet, and I guess we have to wait another few years before you can get Johnny Mnenomic-like computer chips built straight into your brain… So I have pretty much two options:

  • keep saying ‘what’, ‘huh’, ‘come again’ and other similar lame comments all the time
  • get hearing aids

Well, guess what? I don’t want to have hearing aids! I finally managed to lose the glasses and now I have to strap on a pair of those? Hell no.

And then I started working at Kasai; my boss has pretty bad hearing and wears hearing aids… I guess I’m just getting used to them more, and I’m starting to get more and more tired of asking people to repeat things a hundred times over and over again…

So I guess I’ll have to look into the whole issue a bit more, look at options and ‘semi-invisible’ products (yeah right). There’s quite a few places that deal with this in Cebu so I guess a visit might be coming up.

Or I might just stick this whole thing in the pan and get on with it.

2 thoughts on “Say what?”

  1. Ja, du varför inte prova!?
    Kanske du upplever det värt “besväret”. Att höra bättre är kan hända mera värt än att det inte syns (men ändÃ¥ märks) att du har problem att höra.
    Ã…k nu!
    Du kan ju alltid lägga hjälpmedlen i en byrÃ¥lÃ¥da om du tycker att “alla tittar”.
    Oh, vanity!
    Kramar från mamma

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