Ten years ago I spent six months in Honduras, working as a Divemaster, on an island called Utila which is part of the Bay Islands, part of the worlds second largest barrier reef. Awesome diving. Anyway, during my visit there was already another Divemaster called Andy so I was named Swedish Andy, on the big board they wrote S.Andy, the dot disappeared within a day and from the on everyone called me Sandy.

Working together with me here in Kasai are two Swedish girls; Carolina and Linn, and from day one they started calling me Sandy as well! Their reason was something along the line of ‘I looked like a girl’… I think what they really meant was that I was going to become their bitch or something!

I’ve been fighting the nickname, quickly erasing the S from the board whenever one of them write Sandy and so on… I guess I should just suck it up and let them get on with it…

We had a family here a few weeks ago, mother, father and two sons, who completed an Open Water course with Carolina as their instructor, she’s got a stamp that says something like ‘You went down with Carro!’ and the two boys thought it looked like Cargo instead so now we call her Cargo all the time instead.

Now we just have to figure out a nickname for Linn and we’re done. She calls herself Nudifish, but self-proclaimed nicknames are not allowed… Suggestions?

But why Sandy?! Gaaah!

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