Irony and cameras

Right, so it was a few days ago I commented on the fact that I was looking forward to taking more underwater photos, and me trying to become a better photographer. Well, that same evening I dropped my compact camera and now it doesn’t want to focus closer than about a meter away from the object. Which makes it pretty much useless for underwater photography since pretty much everything underwater is macro and up close and personal!

On other camera news I can sadly report that I used my big Nikon camera the first time two days ago, which means I dragged a fairly big camera bag halfway across the world without much purpose. The only reason I used the big camera was that a friend, Linn (her blog is in Swedish…), was going to pierce her tongue and I was going to take some photos of it, and wanted to use the Nikon for it’s faster framerate. So I took a whole bunch of photos and then stitched them together to make a sort of stop-frame video-clip, it turned out pretty cool. Afterwards I realised I could just have taken a video-clip straight away with my compact camera…

So I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do about the whole camera situation right now… I guess I have a fair amount of options though; try to fix the camera, buy the same camera second-hand on eBay, buy a new compact camera and a new underwater housing. I’m also thinking about selling my big Nikon and perhaps buy a better compact camera… 

Perhaps I should just wait until we get better weather here before I make any decisions, maybe some better weather will make me bring out the big camera some more!

And since I’ve now linked in Linn’s site I guess I better tell you about this other thing I’ve done; I’ve got another tattoo! Calm down Mother, it’s only small! It’s a smiley face on my big toe, check it out:

My big toe!

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