Flying high

We’re between guests right now at Kasai, and the next guests arriving are some quite important travel agents so we need to get everything spic and span before they get here. One of the projects is to paint the floor in the dive equipment area, where all the guests get kitted out before a dive and where we rinse all their gear and so on. There’s lots of algae and the floor is worn down pretty bad.

So today we’ve been cleaning it thoroughly, scrubbing it with muriatic acid, also called hydrochloric acid, which you get from mixing hydrogen chloride and water. One of the local chaps here used his hand to splash it out on the floor where it promptly started to burn and bubble. We took it away from him and donned big gloves!

This was the process:

  • splash out very acidic liquid on floor
  • scrub with brushes (carefully not to get it on your feet!)
  • get lots of fumes straight up in your nose and gag
  • scrub some more
  • rinse your feet
  • start talking rubbish and laughing a lot
  • repeat

A few days ago Kalle (his travel diary is in Swedish) arrived; a young lad from Sweden doing his work experience here for five weeks. I’m not sure if he had planned this but we sent him into the rinsing tanks with a scrubber and some high pressure air to loosen up all the old paint. He quickly realised that wearing a scuba mask and ear protecters was needed and obviously we all stood around him and laughed for a bit. Welcome!

Tomorrow we’ll be painting all day. I’m sure it’ll be a great way to conquer the hangover we’re going to start working on in a few hours.

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