I’ve still got one. It’s very annoying.

After my little accident in December I got a pretty bad fever which my friend Louise helped me conquer, not sure I would have survived it without her! I’ve also got a little cough that all people around me keep reminding me is quite annoying.

Either way, I’ve still got it and earlier this week I was diving and it was an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and I was freezing!

I’ve got a 3mm wetsuit that I’ve had quite a few years and it must be getting old or I’m just getting more sensitive to the cold… After freezing my butt off I realised that I should try out my freediving wetsuit instead; it’s a brand new 3mm custom made two-piece suit with long-john trousers that go up to my chest and the top has an integrated hood. It’s near impossible to get in and out of but soooo worth it once you’re in! I was all warm and snug and grinning like a monkey the whole dive.

Freediving wetsuits are made of slightly different neoprene from regular wetsuits, and they have something called open-cell neoprene on the inside, and that is pretty much like glue on the skin! Usually you mix up some water and some conditioner or shampoo or whatnot and swish it around in the suit and then slide into it, I’ve been experimenting with just being soaked and then wriggle furiously. Easiest of all is to put it on in the water, just flex it out under the surface and swim into it!

I’ve never dived with a hood before and it takes some getting used to, this one in particular is very tight and it gave me some weird hood-squeeze over the ears! So I punched some holes through the material with a hot needle, job done.

My quest to be completely black-clad underwater is one step closer! Oh vanity.

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