Boom De Ah Dah

I’ve got a TV in my house, it’s got DVD player and, most importantly, it’s got a digital satellite receiver! Minor problem though; there was no subscription for it! So I’ve been roaming around asking in random shops how and where you’d buy satellite subscription top-up whatsits… and I’ve now succeded! I have a bunch of channels I’ll never watch, mainly Filipino ones, and a handful of good ones and specially! I’ve got Discovery! Boo-ya!

A really really good thing about watching TV here is that there’s no advertising! Just promoting the own channel, no shampoo’s or female sanitary advice. So, the other night I was watching some random show and Discovery’s own ad came on, check it out here:

I think it’s absolutely fantastic! Since I’ve seen it I’ve been humming it and every now it comes back on again and fuels the fire again.

It’s raining like crazy today, during the brief drive to Kasai I got completely soaked, and when I got here all my co-workers were standing in the rain looking miserable. We all ended up in the office while waiting for the divers to get ready for the first dive so I cranked up the volume on one of the computers there and put the ad on. Happy smiles all around and a few of the staff wandered off humming the tune.

Mission accomplished.

3 thoughts on “Boom De Ah Dah”

  1. Haha! Wow, what a fantastic ad. It lit up my day as well — Karlshamn is miserably foggy and grey today. Thanks :)

  2. Let’s be honest… you really only like because Stephen Hawking is in it…

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