Front desk application!

I’m in Cebu City on a seminar today, my boss asked me to attend this thing to assess a hotel front desk reservation software. Not that I know that much about the hotel business as such but I do have some pretty good knowledge about computer software in general and have already seen roughly what he wants to achieve in Kasai, and we’ve talked a lot of what he wants any future software to do.

There’s two chaps doing the presentation; the younger one running the product demos, he would certainly qualify on the top 10 list of worst speakers I’ve ever had the misfortune to listen to. And then we have the president of the company himself, if he’s younger than 75 then I should lose my age-guessing license, he is quite a good talker but his jokes are extremely old and no-one in the audience is really getting them, he has got two major comical accessories though; his laptop with the screen facing the audience with a screensaver that I kind of hope features his daughter, because she’s really hot, and whoever she is I’m not sure those photos are suitable to be shown to the general public! His second tool of the trade is a particularly bad hairpiece, the man is withered and gray and has a head full of shiny black hair, too bad his sideburns are almost white…

But hey, we get a free lunch! Actually, no, I’m not sure what we just received should be called lunch; small fries, cheeseburger and small coke, all room-temperature and delivered by McD…

I wonder if he’ll be upset when I ask him for a copy of his screensaver…

2 thoughts on “Front desk application!”

  1. Hey!
    Första stycket, sista raden, första ordet ska det väl vara: wants?
    Varför en apostrof där? Det är väl presens tredje person singular?
    Tidigare i samma mening : he wants verkar korrekt men sen har du nog skrivit fel.
    Jag är ju lite arbetsmiljöskadad!
    Det är mÃ¥nga svÃ¥ra ord som jag inte kan, särskilt data-ord. Dessa kan jag inte slÃ¥ upp – mitt lexikon är antikt!

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