The party of the year, New Years eve celebration, is there a party with higher expectations? How about a stomach bug that scatters your stomach’s content everywhere, that should set the festive spirit in motion, right?

So I celebrated NYE on the great white porcelain throne, nice one. The whole thing started by a gentle discomfort mid-afternoon, when the preparations and ‘what are you wearing tonight’ text messages where flowing freely, it then quickly escalated to full-blown ‘oh my god, this is madness’ toilet visits by mid-evening. And then it was 2009.

A few days after this disastrous start of the year we were feeling like cooking something at home so we wandered over to the local meat and fish market and selected a very lively bunch of shrimps and some very delicious looking clams that would be called dinner a few hours later. The point was that the shrimps were actually alive; we had to keep them in a plate with a lid on or they would break for freedom… It became my duty to pitch them into boiling water but Lou were in charge of keeping them in the same location until the pot was ready. She had to move them slightly out of the way for some reason and one quickly leapt out of the plate and hid behind the fridge, accompanied by Lou’s startled yelp. I was sent on the retrieval mission with some ingenious selection of kitchen utensil, when I was just about to scoop the fugitive back into the plate he did one last somersault for freedom and just about scared me to death! Believe me though, they were very tasty indeed.

Mixed in with this whole debacle were daily visits by several creepy crawlies; we had a rather feisty little snake under our bedside table, an absolutely huge earth-worm hiding just outside our door; odd caterpillar-y worm-like creatures who roll up into a little ball if you touch them; ants absolutely everywhere; geckos calling out into the void; and just about every kind of imaginable flying terror you could dream up…

So, Happy New Year! Except the bugs, they should all die.

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