I’ve been in a mini-accident, and before anyone reaches for a phone in worry let me tell you I’m almost fine! And the actual accident was a week ago… I fell over with the bike and applied my right calf to the exhaust and thus removed a fairly large piece of skin, and then I promptly twisted my left knee on the ground. So basically I’m limping on both legs which just makes me walk like a very old man.

Either the burn, or maybe the chock to the system also gave me a fantastic fever which then kickstarted the tonsilities. So the last week has seen several trips to the pharmacy and my bedside table now holds an impressive amount of medication. This also means that I’m on penicillin over christmas, which is a bit unfair. At least the course will be finished before new years…

The positive in this whole palaver is that my friend Lou is here taking care of me, she’s been torturing me with cold towels on the forehead and similar (when you think you’re about to freeze to death and you’re teeth are chattering like an engine it certainly feels like torture). And now we’ll hopefully be able to celebrate christmas and ny in peace, I mean, I’ve had a total of 4 ailments in one week, that should be enough for a month or so, right?

The problem with the whole thing was that the fever really knocked me out, I was all gone. When I got over it on Sunday (21st) and wobbled down to the internet cafe and checked my emails I was greeted with a reminder for my flight back home, which I was pretty sure was around December 28th, so I would still have a few days to change the date to September next year. Well, hey! The flight wasn’t on the 28th, it was on the 20th! Ie, the day before.

It isn’t actually as bad as it sounds, I was in two minds about changing the dates at all and perhaps just let them run out… the fee to change the dates was extremely high for my tickets and it’s cheaper to buy return flights from here anyway… The only thing that really happened is that I didn’t have to make my mind up, it was taken care for me by the fever. Yes yes, I know, I could have checked the tickets and whatever, but again, I probably wasn’t going to change them anyway.

So, I’m now stuck in the Philippines with no flight home! Hooray!

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