I’ve now reached my first target for freediving; on Saturday I finally got to 30m! I’ve been struggling a bit to get beyond 20m but this time everything just worked as planned. Jussi and me went out to do some deep-dive training and I started off with 10m, then very easily 20m so I thought ‘why not’ and just sailed down to 30m. As always I was a touch hurried to get back to the surface so I went a bit fast… slightly blue lips and some minor dizziness! But it felt very good.

I’m also going to take the opportunity to introduce a new feature on this site, my divelog section, I’m logging all my dives, freedives and scubadives, in there. I’ll be adding more features to that section as I go along, and obviously I’ll be adding dives as well!

After the deep dive on Saturday my ears was playing up a little bit and I didn’t feel like doing anything more serious so I borrowed Jussi’s underwater camera and took some snaps of him diving. I also managed to get some older photos from him which you can enjoy right here.

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