Tropic Thunder

It’s still kind of rainy season here, and we had a small typhoon warning a few days ago. I’m not actually sure what a typhoon means, but no-one here was very worried. It seems that’s what you expect at the moment. This other guy that’s also doing some freediving and me took the opportunity to head into Cebu City to go shopping, and get some cash out. Sidenote: there’s no cash machines in this town, and the nearest one is something like 20 minutes away over a small mountain, on the other side of the island. Bother.

Anyway, after a rather uncomfortable 2 hours in a people-carrier we arrived in Cebu, the trip was 100 pesos, around £1. To compare, the very scary trip on the back of a motorcycle out to the beach I’m staying near to is 150 pesos. I’m not completely sure how the maths work, but hey.

Filipinos are crazy about shopping, easily the biggest shopping malls I’ve ever seen and there’s something like three or four of them in Cebu! My main reason for going, apart from getting cash, was to buy a helmet. There’s only like one other guy in Moalboal that wear a helmet and he’s obviously also a foreigner. I do feel like a dork when I wear it, but I’m also a bit more certain that I’m going to live to tell the story of the dog/kid/chicken/whatever jumped out in front of the bike in middle of the night in the rain. I might be limping or nursing my blackened foot while I tell the story, but I’ll be able to tell it.

To stick to the topic I can say that the weather here is a-ok. It’s a bit cloudy at the moment and it does rain every now and then. The clouds mean that I’m only partially burnt from the sun and the rain means that it gets a tiny, tiny bit cooler at night. And it shuts the cats up as well.

I do have one problem though, and it’s a big problem for me, not so big on the world-problem scale perhaps; It’s so damn noisy at night! There’s something like five cats living outside my door, and they must have some kind of rota of the insane meowing and screaming and jumping past my window in middle of the night to scare me senseless. But when I told some people around here about it they just said I was lucky, at least I didn’t have any cockerels around… Sorry, what?!

Cock fighting is a big national thing, people here live on breeding them. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been told, they strap razors and stuff to the cock’s legs and then pitch them at each other and so on. Lots of money involved.

So obviously there’s lots of them around. And if you happen to live in a cockerel-rich area you certainly wouldn’t mind the cats. Or so they say anyway.

And then there’s videoke. Yes, it’s just plain regular karaoke but they’ve changed the name. This is also a big national thing, they all do it all the time. Bigger resorts and restaurants and places that cater for foreigners have rules about what time you’re allowed to screech away to Wind of Change at night.

At the moment I’ve only got cats to worry about, when I move I will certainly update you what my latest night-time annoyance will be. Because apparently, there will be one.

PS. Yes, I have just seen the movie Tropic Thunder and I stole the title.

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