So I’ve now arrived in Moalboal. It’s a weird setup really, the main town, which is actually Moalboal is the around the main road coming from Cebu, but all the ‘action’ is off on smaller roads towards the sea. I’m currently staying in White Beach which is something like 7 kilometers from Moalboal and the larger seaside area is called Panagsama Beach, that’s where all the scuba-schools and diveshops are, where I’ll probably move in a month or so. Panagsama Beach is 6km from Moalboal and it’s about the same between Panagsama and White Beach, so there’s a fair bit of transportation to be had all the time!

So transportation methods are as follows: Either you sit on the back of a small motorbike screaming your head off going around corners, dogs and tricycles, or you get on a tricycle! They are basically a motorbike (or bicycle actullay) of any kind with a massive sidecar strapped onto it, but built up a bit more, like a thai tuktuk almost, but on the side instead of on the back. They’re quite slow, and they’re usually carrying a whole family of 10 or so. Either way you decide to go you will always have a small issue with the price, it’s always different! Oh, it’s higher because it’s early in the morning. Or it’s higher because it’s late. Or some other silly reason. And they will never really tell you how much it is, they’re very reluctant to name prices here. So you pay perhaps what you paid last time and he was expecting more… well, then he’ll go away and sulk and he wont offer you a ride again! How are you supposed to know?!

So I’ve bought my own motorcycle instead.

I’m now a proud owner of a 2006 Honda XR200 Enduro! Wooop!

2 thoughts on “Arriving…”

  1. hmmm, so you SOLD your bike here, to go and buy a bike there?!..a dirt bike don’t make me tell you to be careful!!!

  2. Nice one! Hurry up and post some pictures from the beach to make us jealous!

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