Isn’t it just typical? After several years of hard gruelling work (stop laughing in the back!) I finally manage to decide to withdraw to a leisurely life on the beach, and as it stands now it’s actually going to happen. Madness. Anyway, I’m supposed to be complaining right now, not gloating. Ha.

Well! I had a brilliant idea a few weeks ago, a website that hasn’t been built yet! It’s actually a pretty damn good idea, a very simple basic usage and several lucrative layers to add on top… I shared the plan with my close friend Damian and we’re absolutely sure that we have to at least try to build this site.

But I was going to lie on the beach! Not hunkered in front of my shiny laptop! Damn!

So now I’m setting up a brand new site, reading up on basic PHP and several different API’s that might very well be very useful… I really do think this site will be worth building, and it might actually be worth the time spent trying not to sweat into the keyboard… I think I have to invent some kind of wearable napkin to prevent dribbling into the keyboard.

But I was going to just relax on the beach!

2 thoughts on “Work!”

  1. Ah, now that sounds familiar!
    Free from the constraints of the day to day grind, all those things we’ve learned, thought about and put on the back burner start to surface.

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