I’m in Stockholm right now, meeting up with family I haven’t seen in ages… Am running out of time to meet up with some friends that I had loosely agreed to meet though… (Sorry Fredrik!) Later this evening I will have filled all the requests to meet up with family which is a very good thing. Specially since I’m not really sure when I’ll be in town next time… it’ll be at least a year.

I’ve got a pretty big bunch of cousins around here but there’s two that I have more contact with than the others who’ve also visited me in London over the years. It’s extra fun to meet up with them and get updates on their lifes.

The race is also on in the whole family on who will visit me first in the Philippines! Great fun!

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  1. Haha, hey it’s cool! You just missed a fun night with some tech people at the Six Barrels in Old Town, but I understand you want to see you family! I would too… Maybe next time :)

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