Emptying bottles…

So, T-3 days and counting. I am leaving the country in just over three days, and what am I doing? Polishing off my last alcohol, that’s what! No chance that I’m leaving my nice rum to someone else.

I’ve had my bathroom refurbished over the last few weeks, I finally managed to get back into my flat yesterday, and oh-mama, what a mess… a thick layer of plaster dust is absolutely everywhere. Don’t get me wrong here, the bathroom is top-notch and I couldn’t be happier with it. But come on, this dust is ridiculous! I’d already booked a professional cleaning of the flat before my new tenants move in, and that’s scheduled for Monday, so there’s little chance that I’m going to clean it up before then… So I’m walking around in the dunes of dust and muttering to myself. In slippers. Covered in dust.

I’ve got a party tomorrow night, and somehow this other party appeared on Sunday night, and I’m going out for a last dinner on Monday evening. Sunday day will be mysteriously lost to the hangover fairies, and I think Monday will go the same route… Which leaves me with… ONE DAY to get all the things sorted, as in tomorrow before the main party. Nice one.

One thing I have sorted is my scuba bag, got to prioritise, eh? I’ve cleared out all the junk that I can, and packed all other bits nicely. The main problem here is weight, I’ll have to pay £25 per kg over 30kg… I know that my previous setup weighed in the region of 25kg, and now I’ve added some new bits as well… To add misery to madness the 30kg is the total of ALL my checked bags, so I have to skip a whole load of unnecesary stuff in my ‘clothes bag’ as well. I was planning on bringing some books; fish recognition and scuba textbooks and similar… but if I have to pay £25 to bring two books then I think they’re going to stay home.

Obviously the process of figuring out if I’m over the limit would be massively easier if I had some scales… which I don’t. ‘Hmmm, this feels like 27kg!’

3 thoughts on “Emptying bottles…”

  1. Andy !!!! :((( …. gimme ur number i need to call uuuuuuuuuu …. couldnt make it today :(

  2. HEY!!! what’s this about ‘another party suddenly appeared’?!? pah! Your fault I am leaving, therefore your fault the party was on sunday (since I was banned from leaving earlier!) :)

  3. Why don’t you just FedEx the extra stuff to yourself? Supposed to be much cheaper that flying with it… You could prepare a box of stuff and have a friend send it after about a week :)

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