Random encounters

My very good friend Ben has a fantastic roof-terrace on the sixteenth floor in Bethnal Green, it’s got a great view and it’s perfect for summer parties. Many of my photos in Flickr are from his terrace… Well, most weekends this year has been completely useless for any outdoor activites, at least ones you need to plan a little bit beforehand.

So a few weeks ago Ben decided to just go ahead and arrange the (probably) last barbeque of the year and oh my was he lucky with the choice of day! It was a true summer day and we thoroughly enjoyed the weather and shared friendship all day long. I guess the beer & wine helped as well…

One of his previous flatmates, Jose, who’s now moved back to Barcelona, came over for the event and we got talking a bit. As it turns out he’s a marine biologist and does projects all over the world, one of which will start mid-next year; they’re spending five years in Vietnam to study coral-bleaching and they’ve got three non-scientist diving positions to fill! Apparently you can’t dive all year in Vietnam so three months would be in the Mediterranean Sea doing a separate project.

How amazing does that sound? Small problem, some spanish bureaucrat has decided that all divers to partake in these projects must have 2000 logged diving hours. I’ve always been quite proud of my 500 dives, well, that’s like, not even a quarter of what I would need.

Still, it’s opened my eyes a bit, and now I know that even on random parties I need to keep my feelers out for diving scientists!

The day, apart from being incredibly sunny and hot, was also very smoggy, and by late afternoon we could no longer discern the skyskrapers in the far distance. The following snap was taken at 3.30 in the afternoon!

You can view all the other photos from the day and evening here.

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