Last day!

So today is my last day at IG. It feels weird to even write it like that, imagine how weird it feels to actually be able to walk out later today and not have to come back again! I’ve been here just shy of five years now so I guess it’s a normal feeling… but still.

I’ve handed over as well as I can, which isn’t really that well, I don’t write things down, everything is kept in my head as I go along. Well, I’ve had a few sessions with the people that are left behind and they know they’re very welcome to email me any questions along the way.

Everything is getting very real now, I’ve got a grand total of seven days left in the UK! I’m not sleeping very well, mulling things over in my head every night… I just really want to get going. Still got some fairly scary things to get sorted, like finalizing the re-mortgage, pray that the bathroom work goes well, pray that the rental of the flat goes well. And so on.

But hey, from the end of today I no longer have job!

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  1. Welcome back to the sane world of the freelancer. I might have something for you when you’ve finished your gardening leave :)

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