A case of the Mon-daze

I think I have some mild sleeping disorder, or perhaps I just need to learn some meditaion or something, but either way I just can’t sleep on Sunday nights. I always just roll around, twist and turn with my head full of thoughts of the week, month, life ahead of me. I’ve tried to counter this in many ways;

  • sober all weekend, eating right and doing exercise
  • blinding drunk, eating junk and watching tv all day
  • and any other combination in-between (err, those are the two though, right?)

Either way, I always turn up in the office to start a new week with sand in my eyes and a slightly offencive mood. Rubbish.

Hey! My workmate just turned up, he seems to have forgotten lots of stuff at home, had to sign in as a visitor! That cheered me up a little bit…

Now, where were we? Right, this week and all it holds… it seems I’ve managed to take care of pretty much all my worries last week; mortgage sorted, rental agency sorted, insurance pretty much sorted, eBaying of lost of crap sorted. Not bad for a few hours on the phone and several hours gruelling on eBay trying to write inspiring sales-pitches about junk I no longer care about.

Time to go: three weeks and two days in the office, seven weeks and two days until I leave this continent.

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