Business class!

I’ve bought my flight now, I managed to get business flying out and economy coming back. Well, I’m not sure I’ll be using the return flight! The very nice lady in the smiled at me and asked ‘Are you sure you’re going to do this? You’ll never be able to fly economy again!’ Well, what can I say? I’ll take my chances! So I’m flying out on Tuesday 28th of October and will arrive in Cebu Wednesday evening.

I’ve been in contact with the freediving school there and they’ll help me book a room on the beach for a month beforehand and then probably try to get a place with a kitchen and whatnot if I decide to stay there longer.

And then, on the flipside of the karma-account some mother-effer stole my bicycle last weekend. Obviously I was going to sell the bike before I leave, and it got me thinking that I might be able to get the insurance money for it instead! No chance, getting the bike replaced instead, so now I still have to sell it. Damn it.

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