Wing it!

Since I’ve made it a bit more public that I will be leaving it’s started to become more real in my mind as well. I guess it’s a natural effect really, it’s been quite hard to plan/think about this thing. That’s another problem, I don’t know what to call it! I guess I can call it adventure, if I feel like having people doing rude signs behind my back… I’ve been calling it ‘the trip’, which I guess works. It will start as holiday so trip makes sense for now.

Obviously people are asking me what the plan is, what am I going to do and so on. And I always conjure up a massive grin and say “I’m going to wing it!”, and that is absolutely true. Sure, I have a general plan of things I want to do and places I would like to visit, but I have no plan at all (at the moment anyway) about where I’m going or exactly what I’m going to do after my first month in the Philippines. While I’m there I’ll make my mind up about where I should start looking for work as a Divemaster.

Normal life is now starting to get quite hard because I can’t stop thinking about all this!

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