Life in the UK Test

I’m going to apply for British Citizenship, mainly because I really really want to have two passports, how cool is that?! Apart from that I don’t really see myself moving back to Sweden anytime soon, and if I’m going to live in Europe then I most probably will live in London. I’ve lived most of my adult life here now, paid most of my taxes here and so on…

Anyway, before I can even start to fill out the 16-page application form for Naturalisation as a British Citizen I had to do the Life in the UK Test, which I did this morning. It’s 24 multiple answer questions and I’ve actually been studying quite hard for it. Well, that was time spent completely unnecessary! I was supposed to turn up at 10 and it wasn’t supposed to take longer than two hours. I hoped to whizz in there and then get the hell out and back to work. I was there half an hour early and got something to eat before, no stress, and then, then we did very slow paperwork for over an hour! Sitting around waiting for your turn! The actual test started around 11.15 and I was out 11.25. You get 45 minutes to answer 24 questions, I answered them all and then went through all of them again and I was done in 7 minutes!

They don’t tell you the actual score, just if you’ve passed or failed, I’m pretty sure I got a few wrong but I passed anyway. So now I have to start filling out that damn form. One of the things you have to fill out is every time you’ve left the country in the last five years! I can barely remember where I lived five years ago!

But hey, two passports! Nice.

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